Travelling teaches you the appreciation of home…


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

So in my blog I have written about what travelling has done for me, and how great an experience it has been so far. But I also need to highlight how much travelling truly makes you appreciate your home. Wherever you come from may not be the most beautiful place in the world, and this is definitely true for me, but it makes thankful of it in a way you’ve never been before. Home isn’t essentially just about the location you come from, but about the people that come from there that are special to you.

To start off with, recently I have found myself with a new found love for my parents and my brother. I don’t see them all the time when I’m at home anyway, but I definitely phone them a lot to see how they are and vice versa. Due to being in Canada I can’t make phone calls to Britain without it costing a fortune, so for a long time now I’ve only been able to email them, and to be honest I really miss the sound of their voices. Email just doesn’t cut it. When I’m sitting here now writing this I realize how much I miss the company of my brother, and how I’d love to have a catch up with him. I also realize how incredibly good my parents have been to me, and of course I value them at home, but being away with barely any contact shows me how much I miss and cherish them and how having supporting parents is one of the best things you can you can be gifted with.

I’ve been in Canada for two months now, and before I came on this study-abroad exchange I was told by the study-abroad officer in my University that around half way, you can experience a sad cloud due to missing people at home. They say the initial excitement can fade, and as you start to feel more used to your surroundings you can start to miss whoever you’re close with at home. I find this in particular with my boyfriend (Michael). I’m not going to lie to any of you who plan to go travelling without your partner at some point in your lives, that long distance is hard. I can safely say it has been a massive challenge for me so far. Initially, for around 2/3 weeks being here, I was totally fine. Everything was new around me, and it didn’t really feel real that I would be away from him for 4 months. It only really started to sink in lately. It is definitely a difficult process and if you plan to have a long distance relationship, my advice is, go into it knowing that it won’t all be easy sailing.

I have found with my own experience that there can be great days. For example, last week me and Michael had a “Skype Date” where we both dressed nicely and had wine and beers over a Skype call and it was actually so fabulous (Cheesy I know but don’t care hehe). But other times can be more difficult because of things such as lack of communication due to time difference, or misunderstandings due to texting, and I think what can make things most frustrating through everything is that all you want to do is see each other, and know that you can’t.

So yeah, is can be hard, but it is all so worth it though. I would never give up my time here and go home because I’m homesick, because Vancouver- Canada is the place of my dreams and I know Michael will be there for me when I return. And if anything, all that the distance away from him has taught me is how much I completely love him and how I truly can’t wait to have him back in my life.

As well as this, friends are so precious, and distance has highlighted to me how much I adore them. The friends I have back home are the sort of guys that will always stay the same with you no matter how many months or years go by, and they feel like a family to me. I’m actually surprised by how much I miss them in a way because I’ve never properly missed friends like this before, but I think when you’re in a place that is so completely different from what you’re used to, with all completely new people, it’s hard not to reminisce on fun times you’ve had with your friends at home, especially if you’re like me and you know they’re absolutely going to be your friends for life.

This blog today is not a negative post in any way, it is in fact quite the opposite, it is a blog to express that no matter how much we don’t think we do it, we all take home for granted from time to time, and travelling allows us to truly appreciate those little things at home that before we may have just taken in our stride, and if anything, it improves our bond with those that mean the most to us.


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