No time like the present…

deep c

I have an extremely busy mind. This might relate to yourself and your life and may play a huge role in the way you relax, or in the way you don’t relax.

The biggest flaw we have in humanity is our inability to be in the present and enjoy doing absolutely nothing without feeling guilty. I don’t know if it has to do with the way we are brought up or the way society is, or maybe technology, but we always find ourselves having to fill our time with distractions.

Whether we go to the gym in our spare time, read a book, watch television, go to the movies, finish up chores, we are always filling up our minds with something, and not  allowing ourselves to be in the present moment.

This sort of practice can come a lot with meditation, and I’m realizing more and more so, that it comes with travelling.

Travelling teaches you to live in the present.

There is no concern about mundane tasks and worry over problems because you’ve already left that behind you before you came. Nothing that is around you is yours to worry about. I mean, you ofcourse have a bed to sleep in and you have you’re belongings that you take with you, but apart from that, what is there to worry about?

Your normal way of living is now so completely different and you have left everything such as relationships and work, so what you have when you’re travelling is essentially complete freedom.

And it’s incredible.

You made the decision to leave your normal life behind for some time when you travel and sure, you can pick up where you left off when you return, but this time, wherever you may be, is for you to be you. And thats it.

It’s the most refreshing feeling in the world.

I hiked up a trail out in a place called “Deep Cove” outside of Vancouver, and this was a perfect example of when I realized this living in the present theory. My friend and I hiked up the hill for around an hour and a half, chatting, and keeping our minds busy, but when we reached the top it all completely changed.

The view was absolutely sensational.

All I could see for miles was a beautiful ice blue lake, birds singing, endless mountains and trees and the most clear blue sky I have ever seen.

After the initial first few moments of classic photo taking, I put my phone away and just sat there.

There were many other people there too but this cliff edge rock that we all sat on had plenty of space for sitting  and I could tell the people there were feeling the same way as me, in complete awe.

I just sat there looking for over an hour and thoughts came into my head like, ‘Wow, I am so damn lucky to be alive and to be here’ and ‘I wish everyone could see how stunning this is.’ I felt any sort of trouble I had melt away and realized that I didn’t need to do anything, I didn’t need to think about anything, I just had the absolute freedom to sit there and enjoy the surroundings. It was a feeling like no other.

Travelling changes the way you relate to the world.

If I hadn’t came to Canada, I can imagine myself not envisioning much past the world of Scotland and my comfortable little bubble. It allows you to break that bubble and leave all of those worries and fears behind and really allows you to see the true beauty of the world.

There is more beauty in the world that I can ever imagine and I am strongly passionate now that I want to try my hardest to see as much of it as I can.

A note to end on is that I strongly suggest to you if you lead the same sort of lifestyle as I did and you always have a million thoughts on the brain, to say , you know what fuck this! 

Pack up your things and go travelling and you will experience the wonderful calm that comes with living your life in the present moment.


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